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Worthington 250 KICKOFF!

Friday, March 23 from 7-10pm at Town Hall

We had a terrific kickoff event Friday evening at Town Hall.  Thanks to everyone that came and bid.

Silent Auction

Special thanksto Carol Labonte for all the work she did getting all the fabulous donations for the silent auction.  We made over $3,200 to support the Worthington 250 Celebration.

Silent Auction

Winter River

Winter River

Natalie Stafford - Watercolor

17" x 21" - matted & framed (measurements include frame)

Natalie loves to paint in Watercolors and Oils.  She paints landscapes, flowers, portraits and still life. 

Value: $200

Donor:  Natalie Stafford, Worthington

Tulip & Freesia

Natalie Stafford - Watercolor

15" x 18" - matted & framed (measurements include frame)

Natalie loves to paint in Watercolors and Oils.  She paints landscapes, flowers, portraits and still life. 

Value: $200

Donor:  Natalie Stafford, Worthington

At the Market

Natalie Stafford - Watercolor 

12" x 16" - matted & framed (measurements include frame)

Natalie loves to paint in Watercolors and Oils.  She paints landscapes, flowers, portraits and still life. 

Value: $100

Donor:  Natalie Stafford, Worthington

Stoneware Casserole

Hand thrown casserole dish can be used on the stove top, in the oven, on the grill and in the freezer.  It has the amazing property of being able to pass through ice and fire without cracking...  

Value: $120

Donor:  High Hollow Pottery - Constance Talbot, Windsor

Town Hall Photo

18" x 13" photo on stretched canvas of the Worthington Town Hall. 

Value:  $100

Donor: Ed Pelletier Photography - Ed Pellitier, Worthington

Handmade Table Runner

Handmade​ ​quilted​ ​table​ ​runner,​ ​32​ ​1/2"​ ​x​ ​17".

Value:  $50

Donor:  Helen Pelletier, Worthington

Porter Cable Brad Nailer

The Porter-Cable BN200C 18GA 2-Inch Brad Nailer Kit has a magnesium body that delivers both a strong and lightweight design. The brad nailer features a removable non-marring nose tip with on tool storage as well as an integrated rubber grip for improved comfort. The BN200C is equipped with a low nail reload indicator to help alert when to reload and has a special hardened driver blade for longer life. The BN200C kit includes : Nailer, ¼” fitting, brad nails, carrying case and owners manual. 

Value: $92.50

Donor:  Cummington Supply, Cummington - Gus Perkins


Burger King Gift Certificates

Value: $25  (2 available)

Donor:  Stan Paulauskas

Snack Bar

Gift certificate to the Williamsburg Snack Bar.

Value: $25

Donor: Williamsburg Snackbar,  109 Main St, Haydenville, MA 

Bird Tile

Handmade tile - Bird

Value: $25

Donor:  Steve Harrington, Worthington

Leaf Tile

Handmade tile - leaf

Value:  $25

Donor:  Steve Harrington, Worthington

Tree Tile

Handmade tile - tree

Value:  $25

Donor:  Steve Harrington, Worthington

Carved Coconut

Hand carved coconut from the Dominican Republic.  7 inches tall.

Value: $10

Donor:  Natalie Stafford, Worthington

Whale Sculpture

Bronze whale sculpture from SPI Gallery.  Hand sculpted and cast in bronze.  Approximately 8" tall

Value: $50

Donor:  Natalie Stafford, Worthington

Whale Sculpture

Bronze whale sculpture from SPI Gallery.  Hand sculpted and cast in bronze.  Approximately 8" tall

Value: $50

Donor:  Natalie Stafford, Worthington

Stoneware Vase

Hand thrown decorative vase.  (does not hold water)

Value: $45

Donor:  Tony Lake, Worthington

Stoneware Vase

Hand thrown stoneware vase made at Snow Farm.

Value:  $60

Donor: Tony Lake, Worthington

Glass Dish

This bowl was made by first firing layers of clear iridized glass and turquoise glass together in my kiln @ 1450 degrees. A second firing involved melting or sinking the dichroic glass fish, as well as the bubbles formed from reactive clear glass, onto the flat plate @ 1425 degrees.I had already made the fish and the bubbles in separate kiln firings. The third firing was for shaping the bowl; I placed the flat square on top of a ceramic mold, and "slumped" the bowl into its final shape @ 1250 degrees. 

Value:  $100

Donor:  Gloria Conwell, Worthington

Turkey Fryer

Infinity Glo stainless​ ​steel​ ​turkey​ ​fryer.​ ​​ ​Used​ ​once​ ​but​ ​very​ ​clean.​ ​​ ​Still​ ​in​ ​the​ ​box​ ​with​ ​all​ ​excesses​ ​included.​ ​​ ​32​ ​qt​ ​size​ ​total​ ​stainless​ ​steel.​ ​​ ​

Value: $75

Donor: Ronni-Jo Beaudry, Worthington

Knife Sharpener

Electric Knife Sharpener

Value: $12

Donor:  Ronni-Jo Beaudry, Worthington

Spaghetti Dinner

Homemade​ ​Spaghetti​ ​Dinner​ ​for​ ​4-6.​ Garden​ ​Fresh​ ​sauce,​ ​spaghetti,​ ​parmigiana​ ​cheese,​ ​garlic​ ​herb​ ​bread,​ ​salad​ ​&​ ​salad​ ​dressing.​  

Value: $35

Donor:  Ronni-Jo Beaudry, Worthington

Giant Cookie

14"x1" chocolate chip cookie.  Home made by RJ "The Cookie Lady"

Value: $15 (2 available)

Donor:  Ronni-Jo Beaudry, Worthington

Picnic Basket

Year round picnic basket filled​ ​with​ ​large​ ​heavy​ ​paper​ ​plates,​ ​small​ ​heavy​ ​paper​ ​plates,​ ​plastic​ ​knives,​ ​forks​ ​n​ ​spoons​ ​with​ ​labeled​ ​containers​ ​along​ ​with​ ​large​ ​cups,​ ​napkins.​ ​​ ​Lined​ ​with​ ​decorative​ ​towel. and ​changable​ ​with​ ​the​ ​event​ ​or​ ​holiday.​ ​​

Value:  $35

Donor: Ronni-Jo Beaudry

Digital Tree Photograph

July Dance:  This tree, not far from the Town Hall, has caught my attention for a number of years.  The tree is aging so gracefully.  It expresses a sort of joy in being alive for the warming months of summer, just as all our aching bones do. May we all be as graceful and lithe in our declining years:).  

The print size is 8x10".  The frame is 11x14" and it is double matted. 

Value:  $75

Donor:  Gloria Conwell, Worthington

2 Nights at the Inn

2 Nights (midweek) at the Worthington Inn at Four Corners Farm.   The rooms of the Worthington Inn bed & breakfast are a delightful blend of the old and the new – the charm of a lovingly restored quaint New England country inn and the creature comforts of the 21st century.  Each room is furnished with English and American antiques and a private bathroom.  Each bed is clad with a European down comforter.  The Inn is smoke free.  Sorry, but we don’t allow pets. 

Value: $290

Donor: The Worthington Inn at Four Corners Farm, Worthington

Organic Produce

Gift certificate for produce from Four Corners Farm.   

Entering our fifth season of organic farming, at Four Corners Farm, our goal is to build and maintain a strong connection to the community by providing nutritious locally-grown food. 

Value: $50

Donor:  Four Corners Farm - Trip Shaw, Worthington

Surf Ski Lesson

Private surf ski lesson on Ashmere Lake from Deb Shaw.   Surf skis are used worldwide for lifesaving, surf kayaking and for training and competition on flat-water or ocean (downwind) racing. 

Value: $65

Donor:  Deb Shaw, Worthington


One acupuncture session.   Vati has a Master's Degree in Acupuncture and Chines Herbal Medicine, as well as a Bachelor's in Education. She has been in the field of healthcare for thirty six years, an acupuncturist for twenty years. 

Value: $65

Donor:  Vati Sreiberg, Worthington

Herbal Gift Basket

Wise Ways Herbals gift basket.​​   WiseWays Herbals' vision since 1988 has been to create quality herbal products from the vitality of the nourishing Earth to sustain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Value:  $34

Donor: Wise Ways Herbals - Worthington

Yankee Candle

1 large 22oz Pumpkin Ginger Bark Yankee Candle Jar

Value:  $28

Donor:  The Rowe Family, Worthington

Maple Buffet & Products

Saturdays and Sundays every Spring and Fall we offer our exclusive all-you-can-eat buffet. Enjoy all your breakfast favorites in a warm, rustic atmosphere. Bring friends and a big appetite!

High Hopes Farm Sugar House Gift Shop offers pure and lovingly hand-made maple products for sale all year round.

Value: $12.70 (2 available)

Donor:  High Hopes Farm, Worthingotn - Brian & Karen Rowe

Piano Lessons

One Half Hour Piano Lesson.   Piano Adventures for students ages 5-95. Private lessons are customized to the student, embracing all levels, styles and interests. Options include: music reading, technique, playing by ear, improvising, and composing. Music Ed. Degree and 36 years teaching experience. 

Value: $25  (2 available)

Donor:  Laura Pierce, Cummington MA

Farm Store Certificate

Sawyer Farm is an organic, horse-powered family farm in Worthington, MA, run by Lincoln Fishman and Hilary Costa. We've been growing vegetables and raising animals to feed ourselves and our community since 2010. 

Value:  2 Certificates - $25 & $10

Donor:   Sawyer Farm, Lincoln Fisher and Hillary Costa 

Log Table

Small log table with glass top made by Claire McDonnell.

Starting Bid: $100

Donor: Claire McDonnell, Worthington

Tennis Racket Mirrors

Tennis racket mirrors made by Claire McDonnell.

Starting Bid:  $75

Donor:  Claire McDonnell, Worthington

Tribal Textile

Hand-made bedspread or wall hanging from Zambia. (approximately 100" x 80")

Value: $180

Donor: Evan Spring

Hand Thrown Pottery

Mark Shapiro - Pitcher

Hand thrown pottery pitcher.

Value: $200

Donor: Mark Shapiro - Stonepool Pottery, Worthington

Coffee Mug

Hand made coffee mug.  Christy uses the strongest of clays, a high temperature stoneware. The mug can be put in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven. It is lead-free and perfectly food safe. It loves to be used everyday! 

Value: $30

Donor: Christy Knox - Natural Elements Pottery, Cummington

Stoneware Vase

High-fire stoneware, uniquely glazed using wood ash to achieve the special color and texture and extra thickness, which gives a warm feeling.  The work is decorative, contemplative and functional. 

Value: $40

Donor: Hiroshi Nakayama, Worthington

Etched Glass

Etched glass window hanging.

Value: $100

Donor: Claire Bateman


1 initial or follow-up treatment.  Jonathan Ginzberg is a Massachusetts licensed acupuncturist and a Diplomate of Acupuncture of the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  He worked at the Pain and Stress Relief Clinic at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Boston, serving as Senior Staff Acupuncturist and was also Staff Acupuncturist at the Worthington Health Center.

Value: $90 - $125

Donor: Jonathan Ginzberg Acupuncture, Cummington

Dinner for 4 with Evan & Kate


Dinner at the home of Evan Johnson and Kate Ewald.  The meal will include wine, beer and/or cocktails of your choice. I will gladly cater to vegetarians, vegans, gluten free-types or carnivores. You get to choose. You may dine alone with your party of four or, if you would like, Kate and I will join you. The meal can be served any night of the week, after August 1, 2018.

Value: Infinite! (or $250)

Donor: Evan Johnson & Kate Ewald

Weekend Getaway

A weekend stay.   Village Green offers spacious sites, open field sites, modern restrooms, laundromat and Country Store.   Close to many popular area attractions including Brimfield Antique Show and historic Sturbridge Village. 

Value: $76 (2 available)

Donor: Les & Meg Twarowski - Village Green Family Campground

BrewMaster's Tavern

 Warm, brick-lined bar & grill, built in 1812,preparing traditional New England meals 

Value: $25 certificate

Donor:  BrewMaster's Tavern, Williamsburg

A1 Pizza

One large cheese pizza.

Value: $20

Donor: A1 Pizza, Williamsburg

Main Street Package Store

 A Full Selection of Beer, Wine and Liquor. 

Value: $20 Gift Card

Donor: Main Street Package Store, Williamsburg

Dog Grooming

Dog grooming service.

Value: $50 Gift Certificate

Donor:  The Happy Dog Groomer, Sandy Hughes

Maple Syrup

One gallon of maple syrup.

Value: $50

Donor: Snowshoe Farm - Paul Sena, David Gage & Richard Mansfield

Men's Socks & Gloves

One pair of men's socks and one pair of men's gloves.   We own an alpaca farm with 7 alpacas. We sell alpaca products that are made from the fleece from our animals and consists of items such as socks, scarves, hats, gloves, and handspun yarn. 

Value: $40

Donor: Porter's Humming Alacas - Kevin & Deb Porter, Worthington

Women's Socks & Gloves

One pair of women's socks and one pair of women's gloves.   We own an alpaca farm with 7 alpacas. We sell alpaca products that are made from the fleece from our animals and consists of items such as socks, scarves, hats, gloves, and handspun yarn. 

Value: $40

Donor: Porter's Humming Alacas - Kevin & Deb Porter, Worthington

Maple Products

We produce pure artisanal New England maple syrup. Each container of maple syrup is hand made on our energy-efficient farm, honoring centuries-old traditions. 

Value: $50 gift certificate

Donor:  Justamere Tree Frarm - J.P. & Marian Welch

Farm Store

The farm is rich in its diversification: we have a growing herd of Highland Cattle which we raise for beef; have a flock of chickens from which we get eggs; make hay with our neighbors on our collective 65 acres that we sell out of our barn.

Value: $50 Gift Certificate

Donor: Kinne Brook Farm, Worthington, Eliza Lake & Bart Niswonger

18 Holes of Golf

One 18 Hole Golf Certificate for 4 people including use of a golf cart.   The course is ten holes with small sloping greens and tight tree lined fairways, stately pines, and maples along with a well-placed creek, thick rough and 15 well-placed bunkers.  

Value: $200 Gift Certificate

Donor:  The Worthington Golf Club - David & Helen Pollard

Bagel Biter


The world famous Bagel Biter. The one and only, original guillotine-action bagel slicer. Find out why over one and a half million people and countless commercial customers have chosen the patented Bagel Biter as the safest available.

Value: $25

Donor: Jim Dodge

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing services.

Value: $25 (2 gift cards available)

Donor: Worthington Auto Detailing - Michael  Tomoskowicz.

Melaleuca Wellness Items

Melaleuca, The Wellness Company products including organic coffee, herbal teas, essential oils and Renew lotion.  

Value: $90

Donor:  Carol Labonte, Worthington

Worthington 250 Logo Items

  • Ash colored t-shirt
  • Canvas Tote Bag
  • Hat
  • Mug
  • Bumper Sticker

Value: $60

Donor:  Worthington 250 Committee

Worthington Summer Camp

One week (or 5 days) at the Worthington Summer Camp at RH Conwell School.  A nature based program for 3-10 year olds running from July 9-August 17 2018. We will be exploring local streams and woods, and allowing plenty of time for a variety of projects based on the interests of the campers. We will also be attending the Thursday programs at the Worthington library as well as other field trips. This program is run by Susan Warner who has been offering children’s programs for over 25 years  

Value: $125 - $175

Donor: Worthington Summer Camp - Susan Warner

Groceries & Stuff

Gift Certificate to Corners Grocery.

Value: $25

Donor: Corners Grocery, Worthington - Doris & Mike Fraser

Yoga & Wellness

One 4-class card OR apply the full amount to any “Yoga for Beginner” Course or an 8-class card.  Our mission and greatest joy is to support your journey to greater wholeness, so you can live and enjoy your life fully!   We incorporate both traditional and modern yoga practices. 

Value: $60

Donor:  Prakasa Yoga and Wellness Studio, Lynne Paterson and George Nager - Goshen

Fire Wood

1/2 cord of wood, 16 inches, cut split and delivered.  Green.

Value: $100

Donor: Sampson Logging, Ron Sampson

Farm Store & Deli

Celebrating 50 plus years and continuing the tradition of Farming, we offer fresh fruits and vegetables, sweet apple cider, farm fresh pork and homemade baked goods. 

Value: $20

Donor: Outlook Farm, Westhampton

Yoga Classes

5 Yoga classes.   Yoga for health and well-being. Yoga for a happy and balanced life. Weekly classes. 

Value: $50

Donor:  Yoga for You - Eileen Daneri, Thayer Hill Rd, Worthington

Historical Fiction

EVERY PAST THING - by Pamela Johnson.  Signed by the author.

In 1899, the streets of New York were as unsettled as the heart and mind of Mary Jane Elmer.  Derived from the lives of real people, this beautiful novel is a whirlwind of history, art, familial tremors, and personal desire. But beyond its elegance, beyond its historical authenticity, Every Past Thing is an intimate and moving family portrait 

Value:  $24.95+

Donor:  Marjorie Johnson

Fiddle Lesson

A 1 hour fiddle lesson.  

Strings Without Boundaries creates a sharing environment for amateur through professional players as well as students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds. 
We focus on string technique and repertoire from American and world traditions, creative musicianship in all styles, and technology-enhanced approaches. 

Value:  $125

Donor:  Strings Without Boundaries - Julie Lyonn Lieberman