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The Worthington 250 Celebration


Welcome to the 250th Anniversary celebration of the Town of Worthington. The Worthington 250th Committee has spent the last year putting together what we hope will be a memorable celebration to commem- orate the town’s founding on June 30th, 1768. For those of you who remember the 200th anniversary we have tried to incorporate several of the themes of that celebration to honor the hard work that went into preparing it and making it such a great success.

Our celebration begins on June 29th, with a town-wide pot luck dinner under the tent on property do- nated to the town by long-time resident Ralph Moran, and concludes with an exciting fireworks display on July 3rd that will be held on the air strip of long-time resident Ben Albert. In between will feature several great local and regional bands, events at the Worthington Historical Society including a “then and now” pho- to exhibit, an enormous parade, a two-day arts and crafts show with a wide variety of food vendors, open houses for Worthington businesses and artists on “Discover Worthington Days”, a walking historical tour at

R. H. Conwell School, a play and talent show, many events for children and much more. All in all we hope we have prepared a little something for everyone to enjoy as you honor our wonderful community.

A summary of all of the scheduled events is included in this program along with a list of the musical performers and several maps to help you find your way around town. Those businesses, artists and others who are participating in Discover Worthington Days are also shown on a map. An updated history of Worthington, written and edited by Diane Brenner, Pat Kennedy and Evan Spring of the Worthington Histor- ical Society, can be found near the end of the program. The 250 Committee is greatly indebted to them for creating this remarkable summary of our town history. We also hope you’ll look through the advertisements of those who generously contributed to this undertaking with the purchase of an ad, and that you will let them know that you saw it in our program. Without them, much of this would not have been possible.

And speaking of invaluable support, I would like to personally thank each and every member of the Worthington 250 Committee who took the time to volunteer their talents to this endeavor. Literally, this could not have been done without them. Several of these volunteers appear in the photograph on the oppo- site page. The names of the others who did not appear in the photo are also listed. And of course, thanks to the people of Worthington who voted to fund this event and patiently “open our doors” to the numerous visi- tors to town.

Congratulations to our Grand Marshal, Steve Kulik, for his years of service as our State Representa- tive, Selectboard member and neighbor. We wish him well and are glad that our 250th anniversary could co- incide with his retirement. Finally, the Worthington 250 Committee dedicates this program to both our 1968 neighbors who are no longer with us and to those ahead of us who will tackle the 300th. Enjoy the show.

Evan Johnson; Chair – Worthington 250th Committee